Welcome to the Gothesque contribution page! We are excited that you are interested in working with us. Please make sure to read over our Submission Guidelines and FAQ’s and inquire with any questions you may have about them. We post the upcoming years schedule each November so that you can have plenty of time to create and mark your calendar.

All submissions are made through this website using a submission form and submissions are only accepted on the dates listed. Unfortunately, we do not accept submissions for themes before the dates listed.


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Beetle-esque – Open for Submissions!

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Submission Guidelines & FAQ’s:

  • If interested in submitting content for our magazine, please gather your content and make sure it has a “Gothesque” quality. Make sure you own the rights, or if accepted the party who does own the rights to the content will sign our content release.
  • Covers are not secured ahead of time or promised to anyone. All 100% exclusive submissions are considered for the cover. Do not submit if your content is only available if chosen for the cover.
  • We do accept artistic nudity.
  • We accept all types of visual arts. So feel free to scan in or professionally photograph your work.
  • We do accept poetry and other short written work.
  • All submitted visual content vying for a chance on the cover must be exclusive and stay exclusive until the release of the issue. The contributor is responsible for their content. We treat every single contributor the same. No matter how big the name if content, is submitted as exclusive and we discover this is untrue the content will be removed. Informing us that you have since deleted it, or didn’t know that a member of your creative team was posting, or somehow forgot that you published it previously it will still be removed once we find out it is in fact NOT exclusive. It is the responsibility of the contributor to inform their creative team that the images must remain exclusive until after the release of the issue.
  • Submitting content will not be the final step. We will require a signed release if your content is accepted. If a release is not filled out in the amount of time given to do so, your content will be pulled from the issue. No release = No publication.
  • Make sure you have all credits. Please spell them correctly and do not submit in all caps or in all under case lettering unless the business name or public figure does, in fact, spell the name this way.
  • For photography please only submit one image set at a time. Do not submit a mix of different themes, models, photographers and so on. The submission will automatically be rejected if it is not a cohesive story and we can be sure what exactly it is we are accepting.
  • There is no maximum to how many submissions can be made by one contributor. Having more than one submission will not affect chances of acceptance.
  • There is not a minimum or a maximum when it comes to content. You can submit 1 image, 1 poem or you can submit 10 or more. It is up to you.
  • All submissions must be made through the website. Do not email our general inquiry address or try to submit through a social network. We currently do not accept mailed submissions either.
  • We suggest the free service Dropbox to submit content with a sharelink in high-resolution (so we can see details) in JPEG, PDF or PNG format. If sending low resolution please, make sure the images are a minimum of 900px on the longest side. Please label your Dropbox folder with your contributor name. Do not submit content in a zipped format. We do not accept content sent using WeTransfer or Mediafire, but you may use another service that is user-friendly and easy to view content like Dropbox.
  • If accepted, we will require high-resolution images a minimum of 1MB in size that do not contain any watermarks or copyright notices. If this content is not sent in the amount of time given to do so, your spot in the issue will be removed. We give a decent amount of time to complete this task and it is your responsibility to make sure you send in your content on time. Sending low-resolution files or sending files with your watermark is considered unacceptable content. Please double check that you are sending the requested content. Our schedule does not allow time past the scheduled date to accept incorrect or unacceptable content.
  • Current compensation for the magazine is a digital tear sheet only. We are currently a print-on-demand magazine and do not offer complimentary copies.
  • We respond to all submissions. Most responses will not come until after the deadline has passed. Many responses do go out ahead of time but the majority will end up having to wait until after the deadline. We schedule everything with the magazine and time is not scheduled until after the deadline to complete the task of going through submissions. We respond to all submissions and do so within 3 business days after the deadline.
  • All time and expenses spent on creating content are solely that of the contributor and their creative team.
  • We do not promise publication.