Issue #52 Vol.1 | September 2017 | Open Theme

This full publication is available now on Magcloud in a print or digital format!

Issue #52 vol.1 | September 2017 | Open

Featuring Model Kezia Durga 
Photographed by Temira Decay | Yellow Bubbles Photography
Headdresses, Styling, Makeup & Wardrobe bySpoiled Cherry- creations by Amber- CherryBomb
Skirt by Miss Be
Corset by Timeless Trends

Contributors: Alex Sterling, Amber Cherry, Ani Shimi, Ashley Queen of Omaha’s Queen Photography, Bekka Bjork, Brandi Beloved, Brandi Proffitt, Brooke Witte, Camille Skye Queen of Omaha’s Queen Photography, Chantell Reid Photography, Esha Arain, Eva Del Castillo of Makeup Studio E, Farah Photography, Formal Elegance, Haus de Luxe, House of Athena, Jessica Kinser, Jessica Tormanen, Katherine Gaffney Photography, Katie Curtis, Kezia Durga, Kim Clark, Lindsay McCoy, Lisa Butters, Megan Dienger, Mia Darling, Miss Be, Molly Mayhem, Molly Milk, Monica Jazmine of Jazzy Girl Photography and Makeup Artistry, Noctem Photography, Ophelia Darkly, Peyton Theriot – Model, Rachel Salisbury Photography, Rayna Viles, Rene’e, Robyn Meowsters, Shaun and Jenna Reese of Illuminate Alternative Creations, Spoiled Cherry, Temira Decay | Yellow Bubbles, Timeless Trends, Trey Wright, Veronica Clark Photography, Vincent Cantillon, Winter Artistry | Jody Winte & Workhorse Photography | Jacob Cobb

Back Cover:
Featuring Model Molly Milk
Photography & Styling by Mia Darling – Photographic Artist
Dress by Formal Elegance
Assisted by Trey Wright 

This full publication is available now on Magcloud in a print or digital format!