Issue #46 Vol.2 | March 2017

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Featuring Model Sophia Stace
Photographed by Brett Stanley
Styling by Sophia Stace
Props & Ray Gun by Sanit Klamchanuan
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Contributors:   171Photo, A.S Hair Design, Angela Nicholson | Drafted Eminence, Angie Balbon | Talentosa Productions, Ava Lanche, Beatnik Twist Photography, Benjamin Samson | Talentosa Productions, Brett Stanley, Brittany Ann, Caelyx, Camilla Dobbie, Candy Valentina, Carly VIC, Danny Bravery, Gearheart, Georgia Morgan | Vixen Warrior, Ghost Of Nations Photography | James McCoy, HARLOW, Isla Campbell, Jalaru Photography & Design, Jen Yen, Jorge Posada | Talentosa Production, Justine Louise Photography, Karin Vengshoel | Beauty by Impairment, Katrina Christine, Kelsey Alexandra, Lunas Creations, Michelle Lesniak, Misty Couture, Morgan Panter, Myles Katherine, Nicole Michaud, Ophelia Darkly, Sanit Klamchanuan, Shelby Howarth, Sophia Stace, Spoiled Cherry, Temira Decay | Yellow Bubbles, The Bird Bones, Timeless Trends & Vintage Image Photography
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Bradford, UK
Broome, Western Australia
Castro Valley, CA
Chicago, IL
El Paso, Texas
Essex, UK
Harbor City, California
Houston, TX
La Porte, Indiana
Portland, Oregon
San Luis Obispo, CA
Vancouver, BC
Wellington, New Zealand
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Back Cover:
Featuring Model Nicole Michaud
Photographed by Beatnik Twist Photography
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