Issue #45 | February 2017 | Infirmary

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Featuring Model Ivy d’Vynes
Photography by Temira Decay | Yellow Bubbles
Wardrobe, Makeup and Styling by Spoiled Cherry
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Contributors: Alex Viaggio, Alexa Atrox, Amie Hana, Anni Oliver, Carol Estes, Chantell Reid Photography, Desiree Seybold, Devan Tonn, Evelyn Sinclair, Felix Karellen, Fourth Dimension Photo, GT6 Photography, Grace O’Neill, Haley Fisher, Ivy d’Vynes, Jack Dwyer, Jade Aila, Jason Wong, Katie O’Rear, Kenneth L. Robbins, Kim Lightcap, Ky Dunbar, Liza Scot, Liza Scot’s Creations, Michaelarion, Ove Nordstrom, Rene’e, Rocket Punch Photography, Sarah Hensley, Shawndine Henderson, Sisters Vain, Spoiled Cherry, Svetlana Tupelov, Temira Decay | Yellow Bubbles & Tory Kagey
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Amsterdam, NY
Bedford, Indiana
Castro Valley, CA
Columbus, Ohio
Hocking Hills, Ohio
Nashville, TN
Pendleton, OR
Pueblo, Colorado
Stockholm, Sweden
Westborough, Massachusetts
Zion, Illinois

Back Cover:
Featuring Model Jade Aila
Photography by GT6 Photography
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