Issue #41 Vol. 1 | October 2016 | The Bayou

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Featuring Model Chrissy Paige
Photography, Styling & Body Paint by Morgan Ann LaRue
Makeup by Chrissy Paige

Contributors: Anny To, Brenna Monaghan, Cameron Paris Cloud, Chantell Reid Photography, Chrissy Paige, Diego Zion, Hallowe, Hand Wing Photography, Jellyfish Jones, Jillian Ragain, Johanna Ochs, Julie Rusk, Kate Elizabeth Kubala, Kevin Roach, Kimba Rose, Madame Phoenix, Marc Mascot, Mercedes DeWitt, Morgan Ann LaRue, Natasha Slagle, Odette, Patricia Hoover, Pepper Badbrew, Poison Promise, Promenade Fine Fabrics, Puimond, Roberto Gamez, Sarah Tancer, Savage Solace, Scruff Sauce, Shanka of India, Strange Photography, Tamra Cavell, Taxil Hoax & Tish Marie

Austin, TX
Daleville, IN
Ionia, IA
Keene, NH
Modoc, IN
New Orleans, Louisiana
Pendleton, OR
Pittsburg, CA
Santa Rosa, CA
Tracy, Ca

Back Cover:
Featuring Model Jillian Ragain
Photography, Styling & Set Design by Jellyfish Jones
Makeup by Julie Rusk
Adornments by Taxil Hoax Photography

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