Issue #26 Vol.1 | October 2016

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Featuring Model Bridget Smyth
Represented by Elite Avenue
Hair & Makeup by Em Roberts
Photographed by Wicked Tales

Contributors: Alex Martin, Alyssa Wilson, Bridget Smyth, Caitlin Gerken, Chloe Diaz, Chuck, DM Photo, Elite Avenue, Em Roberts, Emmi Mullins, Evelyn Stinson, Georgina Staples, Havana Diaz, Kailey Hollann, Kevin Taylor, Lee Digney, Lilly Keleher, Macey Bell, Nichole Myers, PhotoSlavery Photography, Savanah, Shaun and Jenna Reese of Illuminate Alternative Creations, Shianna, Strange Photography, The Steam Warehouse & Wicked Tales

Cincinnati, Ohio
Cordova, Tennessee
Granbury, TX
Lacey, WA
Modoc, IN
Perth, WA, Australia
Rockhampton City, QLD, Australia

Back Cover:
Featuring Model Aaliyah Anderson
Photography, Makeup & Hair by Strange Photography

View or purchase the full volume on Magcloud!