Where There’s Smoke (Feb 15th – Mar 1st)

Issue #59 | April 2018 | Submission dates will be from February 15th – March 1st
With the theme, Where There’s Smoke, Gothesque will be looking to feature art that works in the element of smoke and fire in an interesting, mysterious and creative way.


The images on our mood board are meant as directional inspiration. If you are looking for more inspiration please view this full mood board on Pinterest Also, feel free to contact us with concept ideas and questions.


This theme will be open for submissions only during the dates listedUnfortunately, these are the only dates you may submit content for this issue. Submissions are made using an online form through our website right here, that will be live and accessible during the dates listed.


2018 Submission Guidelines & FAQ’s:

  • We look for content with a Gothesque quality. Gothesque means your work has a mystery invoking edge. It is more than a pretty piece of art. We seek out the beautiful and unsettling world, be it real or conceptual.
  • We accept all types of visual arts. Please do scan in or professionally photograph your visual work.
  • We do accept poetry and other short written work.
  • We do accept artistic nudity.

  • All submissions must be made through the website. Do not email our general inquiry address or try to submit through a social network. We currently do not accept mailed submissions.
  • Make sure you have all credits at the time of submission. Do not submit in all caps or all under case lettering unless the business name or public figure does, in fact, spell the name this way.
  • Submissions may contain anywhere from 1 to 30 images. Do not submit more than this.

  • If using a file sharing service to give us access to content, we suggest Dropbox or Google Drive. Copy and paste a sharelink for us. We do not need to be added to your folder. We do not accept submissions transferred with WeTransfer or Mediafire.
  • We suggest sending high-resolution files at the time of submission. If we cannot view the details of your work, we will pass on your work. If using our uploader, those with a slower connection speed, may need to lower the resolution of your images for submission.
  • Please send image files in a .jpeg, .png, .tiff, or .pdf format. Text files can be sent in an array of formats as well. Zipped files will automatically be rejected and are not unzipped or viewed.

  • Please only submit one image set at a time. Do not send a mix of different themes, models, photographers and so on, in one submission. The submission will automatically be rejected if it is not a cohesive story.
  • There is no maximum to how many separate submissions can be made by one contributor. Having more than one submission will not affect chances of acceptance.

  • We do accept non-exclusive work. However, it is a factor in our decision process. We lean towards exclusive content and the majority if not the entirety of each issue is exclusive work.
  • If your work is submitted as exclusive, it must remain exclusive until after the official release of the issue. Exclusive work to Gothesque Magazine means never published, shared or shown in part or whole beyond those on the creative team. The contributor is responsible for keeping their content exclusive. If the content is submitted as exclusive and we discover this is untrue, the content will be removed. Informing us that you have since deleted it, or didn’t know that a member of your creative team was posting, or somehow forgot that you published it previously, it will still be removed. If your work is submitted as non-exclusive, you will not be required to delete social media postings of the work if it is accepted.
  • Covers are only considered for exclusive work. Covers are not promised to anyone and are not secured ahead of time. All exclusive work that is accepted will be considered for the cover. Do not submit content to us if your work is for a cover spot only.

  • If accepted, we will require high-resolution images a minimum of 1MB in size that does not contain any watermarks or copyright notices. If this content is not sent in the amount of time given to do so, your spot in the issue will be removed. It is the responsibility of the contributor and no one else to make sure that clean, high-resolution content is sent in on time.
  • Submitting content will not be the final step. We will require a signed release if your content is accepted. If a release is not filled out in the amount of time given to do so, your content will be pulled from the issue. No release = No publication.

  • Current compensation for the magazine is a digital tear sheet only.
  • We are currently a print-on-demand magazine and do not offer complimentary copies.
  • We no longer respond to all submissions. We will respond with an acceptance within eight days if your work has been accepted. If you do not hear from us, it means your work was not accepted. We currently do not have time to send reasons as to why work was not accepted. Please view our recently published content to get an idea of what type work we accept for publication.
  • All time and expenses spent on creating content are solely that of the contributor and their creative team.
  • Be safe, take precautions and use common sense when creating content for Gothesque Magazine submissions.
  • We do not promise publication.